If enough of us band together, we can make our voice heard by governments and business leaders all over the world. This section of the Nutrition Toolbox will link you to petitions that are designed to get the attention of decision makers and legislators.

Online Petitions to Improve Nutrition

Here is a list of Change.Org Petitions advocating for better nutrition.

Plate of the Union

Plate of the Union

Our food system is out of balance, and it’s time to take action.

Current food policies prioritize corporate interests at the expense of our health, the environment, and working families. This has led to spikes in obesity and type-2 diabetes, costing taxpayers billions of dollars each year. If you are elected president, I urge you to take bold steps to reform our food system to make sure every American has equal access to healthy, affordable food that is fair to workers, good for the environment, and keeps farmers on the land.

Sign the petition urging the next president to take bold action to reform our nation’s food system.