Culinary Excellence

Here is the bare truth about how you are going to sustain your health, and the health of the ones you love: You are going to have to learn a little nutrition science and you are going to have to learn how to cook real food. If that sounds scary or like a lot of work, then don’t worry, because we are going to make this easy, fun, and delicious! We are going to feature professional chefs, everyday cooks, who can help you discover an exciting world of culinary excellence. We are going to hack the food system with some easy and affordable solutions. We can do this!


Dessert Worthy?

aims to empower individuals to make healthier choices & to be mindful of sugar intake.
Founded by, Board Chair.

The Suppers Programs

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The fact of the matter is that there many exemplary leaders and organizations all over the U.S. and around the world that are solving for food system change AND doing it by putting REAL FOOD at the center of the table.

One such example is The Suppers Programs, based in Princeton, New Jersey. Dorothy Mullen is a force of nature at the heart of this organization, and she has a heart of gold and a seemingly unlimited source of energy for making transformational change possible.

There are various models for creating food system change – business models, organizational models, academic models, etc.  The Suppers Programs champions the community model – eschewing approaches that monetize change. The Suppers Programs thrives on the currency of love and community, relationship building, powerful concepts such as “harm reduction,” and the idea that “logical miracles” are possible when your needs are met for nourishing food, social support, and having a safe place to experiment and self-observe (“how you feel is data”) while you change old habits. Dorothy and the co-founders of the The Suppers Programs have forged a powerful learn-by-doing approach for everyday folks who come together to cook, eat, taste, learn, and feel their way to vibrant health using whole, real food. No dietary dogma or bias – there are vegan, vegetarian and omnivore meetings.