The relationship between nutrition and health is a topic where everyone agrees and nobody agrees. Most of us have a basic intuitive understanding that what we eat is profoundly important to our wellbeing. Some of us take the subject of eating very seriously, following diets and food philosophies, while others may say “C’est la vie” (“That’s life!”) and take a more casual, perhaps even frivolous approach.

However, filtering through the overwhelming amount of information and all the smoke and noise about nutrition and figuring out what is really good or bad for us is not a frivolous task. Additionally, the latest science tells us that each of us has individualized, very personal nutritional requirements and preferences.

The old one-size fits all approaches no longer really make any sense. Where do we begin? This section of the Nutrition Toolbox helps you navigate the world of nutrition and health without the dogma, flim-flam, bias and hype that seems to dominate the landscape of nutrition and health.

Chronic and preventable diseases “are breaking the bank of every developed and developing country all around the world.” -Dr. Robert H. Lustig, Sweet Revenge: Turning the Tables on Processed Food

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