What is the 10 day real food challenge?

It’s simple. Eat real food.

  • Choose whole or minimally processed foods
  • Avoid highly processed and fast foods
  • Hydrate with water instead of sweetened beverages or juice

Why take the challenge

Here’s Dr. Lustig

Reason #1

Our bodies were designed to run on real food

Highly processed foods have changed what people eat, and not for the better. When foods are heavily processed, nutrition is stripped, fiber is removed, and sugar is added. A lot of sugar. Unfortunately, the food supply has been adulterated worldwide. It’s no coincidence that, despite massive advances in healthcare and nutrition research, globally we’re more overweight and sicker than we were 50 years ago. The processed food experiment has failed. Getting back to eating real food is the first step toward improving our health and the food supply. The processed food experiment has failed. Getting back to eating real food is the first step toward improving our health and the food supply.


Reason #2

10 Days Can Make A Bigger Difference Than You Think.

A recent study led by Robert Lustig, MD, showed that by simply removing fructose (from added sugar) from the diet for 10 days, liver fat reduced by nearly 30%. This occurred without any reduction in calories in the diets of the test subjects. Why is this important? A fatty liver is both a sick liver and a leading indicator for metabolic diseases (obesity, high blood glucose, high insulin, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure). Metabolic disease significantly increases your risk for heart disease and diabetes. A fatty liver can occur in anyone; it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, thin or overweight. Analysis of over 20,000 survey responders found that those workers who ate healthy the entire day were 25% more likely to have higher job performance and 27% lower rates of absenteeism.


Reason #3

10 days can build momentum for even bigger change.

Ten days may not be long enough to completely overhaul your diet, but it will leave you with positive momentum and a social network to help get you there; one that can provide you with support and encouragement along your health journey.  In addition to personal momentum, challenges create social momentum. Together, we can start a movement. A movement toward eating more unprocessed, real foods, foods that create wellness, not illness.


What does the challenge offer?

The challenge provides daily:
• Encouragement
• Education
• Tips
• Activities
• Opportunities to socialize with other Challenge participants


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