Deciding what to eat is complicated

We get that. Thankfully, Chef Diane Hoch has you covered.

We are so grateful to Chef Diane of The Food Evolution for collaborating with us to provide 10 days worth of real food meal ideas. You’re in good hands, as Diane is an educator, health coach, and wellness expert. You’ll find her recipes to be creative, practical, and budget-friendly. Most importantly, thanks to her, you don’t have to plan a thing.

As she says, YUM!

A Note About Diets

Diane’s approach to real food is gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based, and her recipes reflect that. While her diet is highly nutritious and could be right for many of us (not to mention good for the planet), we don’t mean to imply that it is the only way of eating real food.

We believe real food can include wheat, dairy, and meat, so long as they’re not adulterated by processing. Real food encompasses a spectrum of diets from Ornish to Atkins and Vegan to Paleo. What all good diets have in common is this: real food.

Plant-based, animal-based, or omnivorous is a personal decision.

What’s the perfect macronutrient ratio? There is no such thing! Everyone’s needs are unique.

Should you go gluten-free? When it comes to eliminating a category of food, we encourage you to experiment, see how you feel with and without that food, and decide for yourself what is best for you. Not sure how to do that? Start with How You Feel Is Data.