Real food inspiration

Ok, so you’re willing and able to eat real food, but where do you begin?

We’ve got some ideas.

Our 10 day real food meal plan

Chef Diane Hoch┬áhas written up 10 days of real food–breakfast, lunch, and dinner–just for you!

Recipe partners

We sadly can’t vet all of the recipes in cyberspace against IRN standards. Believe us, we would really like to do that for you. What we can do, though, is point you in the direction of a few noteworthy recipe providers and provide our criteria for selecting recipes.

One such partner, EatLove, has even created a meal plan on their site for challenge participants!

Real Food Hacks

Our real food hacks are easy breezy short-cuts to real food.

Shopping Guides

Our partner, ConnectWell, prepared three handy guides to help you clean up your food environment, plan meals and groceries, and navigate the store healthily.